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Hands up who knows what a public relations company does, or even better, what they can do for you?

A justweb® client, Dennis Rutzou Public Relations, sums up what a public relations consultancy does in general with this statement:
We tell your story by providing a mix of traditional public relations techniques and contemporary media practices, including online public relations and interactive media releases. We ensure your story is communicated effectively across multiple platforms with meaning and impact.
Just one of the functions of a PR company is to distribute media releases on behalf of you and/or your company. DRPR is a "full service" public relations company, however a lot of small businesses may not be able to afford to engage a full service PR firm. If that is you, and you have press releases to distribute, you may be interested in the services provided by Newsmaker.

Newsmaker offers a free trial press release service.

**NOTE: check Newsmaker's website for more information about accounts and charges. This post was written in 2009 - things change people!

1) Free trial press release distribution online

Online PR Believe it or not, this is totally FREE to try! You simply create your account, follow the very simple press release wizard, and hit submit. Your press release will be checked before it goes "live", but once it does, you will appear on their home page.

You might be asking, "how does this benefit me?"

Firstly, Newsmaker gets crawled by Google often, thus each media release in the site will be indexed. Second, press releases are distributed through their Twitter channel. Third, just by people subscribing to Newsmaker's RSS feed and visiting their website, your own website will increase in popularity and obtain valuable back links. Newsmaker's own traffic is steadily increasing, so this benefit will only get better.

Email and Online Press Releases

2) Online and email press release distribution

After the free trial, the paid service allows you to distribute your press release online, as well as being distributed via email to a large number of journalists. When you select this option, you are guided through the process of building a media list from a comprehensive database of some 10,000 journalists and other media contacts. You are able to save up to 6 Categories per list, and up to 3 lists, which are all saved for your future use.

If a journalist thinks your release is worthy of a story, they will probably get in touch for an interview, or simply paraphrase your press release.

There are three payment options with the online and email service: paid for individually; paid for in bulk (blocks of ten - big savings here); or a professional option for PR agencies and the like.

Who is behind Newsmaker?

Leila Henderson Leila Henderson, CEO of Newsmaker, is a journalist and media communication specialist. From entertainment writing with People Magazine through to The Australian newspaper's esteemed IT section and managing editor of Vacations Magazine, she has written on extremely diverse topics. Leila's books include everything from Bad Backs to a history of IBM in Australia.

Leila has worked in a senior editorial capacity with publishers like News Ltd, Fairfax, Australian Consolidated Press, Reader's Digest, Toronto Star in Canada, IPC Magazines and Thomsons in the UK.

What if I have never written a press release?

Leila's top ten tips for writing your own press releases are summarised here:

Press Release 1. Make your press release relevant to news or trends
2. Choose one topic - don't confuse with too many "angles".
3. Use high impact keywords in your heading and first paragraph
4. Use the third person, not "I" and "we" unless in quotes
5. Donít use a press release as an advertisement
6. Seek approvals from all stakeholders
7. Keep it short - Google will not index news items that are too long
8. Make sure your own website is relevant to your press release
9. Proof read your release before sending - and have someone else do it too!
10. Proactively share your news after publication

Finally, don't forget that there is a search engine optimisation benefit to be gained from distributing your own press releases, particularly online. And if an online news agency decides to run with your story, the benefits can be HUGE!

Press Realease Distribution

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