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Going it alone and managing your own pay per click ad campaigns can increase your CPC (cost per click), reduce your CTR (click through rate) and dramatically reduce your ROI (return on investment).

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An effective online marketing strategy is essential to making your dollars work as hard as possible to achieve the results you want, or ratherm NEED! In other words, increase your ROI (Return on Investment). However, with the increasing competition in the market place these days, DIY PPC management can be detrimental to your ROI.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way to increase your brand, product or service's exposure using Google advertising.

The advantage of PPC is that you can target many keywords which potential customers are actively using to find businesses like yours, and you only pay when someone clicks through to your website. Your online ads will appear on the right hand side (or top) of Google search pages and participating AdSense partners as a sponsored link.

PPC allows you to appear on the first page of Google search results RIGHT AWAY without making changes to your website*, and compete with even your largest competitors.

justweb® has been around a long time, and as such we have seen the way many PPC companies "do their thing", and interact with customers. Our Google Adwords Partner is a cut above.

The solution our Google Adwords partner provides is both unique and effective. Their system uses a very powerful tool for managing the performance of Google Adwords advertising, which has been developed over the past 7 years. It focuses on maximising the performance of Goals through Google Adwords.

5 Key Features to our Ad Partner's Pay Per Click Management platform include:

1. Priority Goal Optimisation
Clients can have up to 8 Goals tracked and optimised, with up to 20 fully customisable algorithms employed for each individual goal. Goals can include Online Sales, Email Enquiries, Newsletter Sign Ups and Phone Calls. Most companies that offer Adwords management group goals together. The system is able to separate Goals and then optimise them in order of priority. Different weightings can be allocated to the strategies being used per goal.

2. Dynamic Keyword Phone Call Tracking
The Phone Call Tracking system used has the ability to track phone calls down to a keyword level. This provides a complete solution for the Goal optimisation of a campaign.

3. Historical Data Analysis
The system can analyse up to 2 years of historical data. This analysis allows them to easily identify important fluctuations in performance which are critical to the overall success of a Google campaign.

4. Quality Score Optimisation
The Google Quality score the critical element in reducing the average cost per click you pay for Adwords. The system provides a very sophisticated solution to ensure that the maximum Quality scores are being achieved.

5. Multiple Goal Tracking
While there are a number of management systems that will offer Goal (or Adwords Conversion) optimisation, very few will separate Goals for each Keyword. This is due to Google Adwords not offering this breakdown. To see a breakdown of Keyword Goals, you need complete integration with Analytics. The system is fully integrated with Analytics and Keyword Goals can be easily viewed within the reports.

FIGURE 1 - Goal roll over for the keyword 'buy robot dog online' (results displayed for the last month). Triggered by rolling the mouse over the '?':

Pay Per Click Ad Management

FIGURE 2 - Having clear reports on Goal Distribution and Performance is essential to making solid decisions on your marketing strategy:

PPC Manager

Our Adwords Partner is an experienced and proactive Pay Per Click Advertising company who actually does care about your conversions. Their unique solutions have been used to provide effective PPC advertising and tracking to the following companies:

Pay Per Click Clients

For a free Adwords keyword analysis and proposal for your site or for more information about how our PPC partner can help to grow your business, please complete our enquiry form, or call today for a friendly chat.

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