Nokia E63 Keypad Lights - how to fix the keypad lighting on your E63 mobile
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Nokia E63 Keypad Lights - how to fix the keypad lighting on your E63 mobile

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If you own a Nokia E63 mobile phone, you may have experienced keypad lighting problems.

The E63 uses light sensing technology to conserve power. Basically, if the ambient light in which you are using your Nokia mobile is sufficient enough not to require keypad lights, and you have the "Light sensor" configured correctly, the keypad lights will not turn on when a key is depressed.

If you then move into a darkened area or room, the lighting sensor should pick this up and activate the keypad lights.

Nokia E63 Keypad Lights

Nokia E63 Keypad Lighting
You can access the "Light sensor" setup by going to Home/Tools/Settings/Display.

However, if your E63 has been working fine since you bought it, just like mine, and then all of a sudden the keypad lights cease to work, there is a simple procedure to (hopefully) restore lighting.

This is as dictated to me by a Nokia helpdesk person, and it worked for me. If it works for you - great - if not, call Nokia for further assistance.

First, while the phone is switched on, remove the battery cover, then remove the battery.

Second, carefully remove the SIM card. Try not to touch the gold colour connections on the card.

Third, take a clean DRY cloth (not a tissue or piece of paper towelling), and carefully wipe the gold connectors in the phone (see arrows in the phone to the right), for both the SIM and the battery. You can do that on the actual battery and SIM as well.

Fourth, put it all back together, being careful not to touch the gold connectors with your fingers.

Finally, press your on button (usually the red phone icon) and VOILA - your keypad lights should be magically restored.

Why this works, or why it should be necessary, I donít know and donít care - but it works.

But, if it doesnít work for you, as stated before, you may need to speak with Nokia directly because your phone may have failed in other ways.

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