Weight loss tips by Rhian Allen. Shed the kilos by changing your lifestyle to be more healthy.
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Weight Loss Tips

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The following weight loss tips have been written by Rhian Allen. The include common sense approaches to achieving healthy weight loss through eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and regular weight loss exercise.


Make sure you drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day. Want some reasons why?

---- Weight Loss Tips

Pre-prepare foods like cooked chicken breast to have in the fridge for your mid afternoon or mid morning snacks. Have them sliced up into easy to eat pieces and when you are hungry eat with some cottage cheese or carrots - all the protein will really fill you up with virtually no fat and will also boost your metabolism - all great for weight loss!


Try and include Brocolli in your dinners whenever you can as it is full of nutrients to keep you healthy (plus is cancer fighting) and packed full of fibre so will really help fill you up. But make sure you don’t over cook it as the nutrients in it are destroyed when over cooked – so lightly steam instead.


Use the weekend to instill healthy practices in your family and kids which will not only help your weight loss but will ensure your family see being healthy as normal and don't get used to eating junk foods and sugary foods. Make fun foods like fruit kebabs, smoothies, home made chicken burgers on wholegrain rolls, home made pizza etc. Plus get into the habit of doing a big family walk and some family fun exercise like piggy in the middle catch, rounders, tennis, tip, skipping or hoola hooping - anything to get you and your family moving - and having fun!

---- Weight Loss Exercise

The mini push up is a GREAT exercise to do every morning when you get up. It works your upper arms, your core and your chest and if you do them every day you will get results fast. They are like a full push up but you do them on your knees so it is easier. Do as many as you can but aim for at least 10 and try for 2 or 3 sets if 10 during the day.


Boost your metabolism whenever you can - do this by:


Try and get into the habit of only eating when your tummy rumbles as that indicates when you are truly hungry. Otherwise you are eating out of stress, anger, emotion, boredom, or tiredness and that will just lead to wait gain.

---- Healthy Weight Loss

Heart disease is the biggest killer of women (more than ALL CANCERS COMBINED), and is also one of the biggest killers of men in Australia  - so never has there been a better reason to go for a walk to get your cardio up as well as getting rid of your baby weight! Try and fit in at least 30 minutes 5 times a week and your butt and heart will thank you for it!


If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss then it is time to re-evaluate your calorie intake. Firstly work out your BMR (you can do this here - http://www.losebabyweight.com.au/weight-loss/body-mass-index/) and then see where you can cut calories from your day without losing on taste. Doing this will give your body a 'kick up the butt' and kickstart the metabolism and weight loss again if it has reached a plateau and is getting used to your new lower calorie intake.


If you want to give yourself a treat every now and again - don't go for junk food or takeaway foods that are full of transfats and additives that are not only fattening but are really unhealthy and have no nutrients - instead go for good quality chocolate or a low fat muffin or good quality glass of red wine.


Make Monday MEAT FREE MONDAY and experiment with Pumpkins and Capsicums – both now in season. Pumpkins are high in beta carotene and fibre and capsicum are full of vitamin C and fibre – all great for filling up on which will help weight loss.


If you are cooking with red meat ALWAYS trim the fat off and choose the lean cuts in the supermarket. Red meat is high in saturated fat so only have small portions – if you buy lean meat and trim all the fat off it will contain approx 8g of fat per 100g but chicken has 1g of fat per 100g – so go easy on the red meat.


Always squeeze your abs whenever you can - during the day, at work, or on the train/bus/in the car, on the sofa, or feeding your little one. You can can always activate your abs and it is a great way to activate your core.


Find your inspiration to lose weight. It could be a person you know or someone's story you have come across or someone you are following online who is currently losing their weight - ether way - find your person who will inspire you to lose your weight and use them as your extra motivator when you are having tough days. Losing weight is hard for most of us and we all need that extra support so get as much as you can from as many people as you can and you WILL get there!


If you have gone for a big walk and your legs or arms are sore then take a magnesium tablet and eat some protein soon after to help your muscles recover and prevent any soreness the next day - this works really well and will mean you still do exercise the next day and not use 'soreness' as an excuse not to do anything!


Choose your source of fluids wisely - Some fluids work against hydration. Coffee and traditional teas contain caffeine (use caffeine free tea), which produces increased urine output and is therefore a dehydrating agent. The more you drink, the quicker water will pass through your body. Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners in place of sugar. These sweeteners send confusing messages to the brain that food (energy) is on the way to the stomach, but because sweeteners contain no calories, no energy arrives, so the brain sends out hunger messages until food finally arrives. People who drink diet sodas on a regular basis therefore tend to eat too much. Choose plain or sparkling water instead!


If you need to sweeten a tea or another food use honey instead or sugar or a low calorie sweetner. Honey is twice as sweet as sugar but is low GI and helps promote muscle recuperation which is great if you have been exercising or holding and settling a baby all day or night!


These healthy weight loss tips have been written by Rhian Allen from LoseBabyWeight.com.au, but are general healthy tips for everyone.

Rhian Allen
Website: www.losebabyweight.com.au
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