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Corporate Health & Corporate Fitness - what are they?

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The following article was written by Taco Fleur, owner of a Brisbane gym called Executive Results. ER specialises in Corporate Fitness and Corporate Health, and over the years they have built up a solid reputation around the South East Queensland area.

I've known Taco and his wife Anna for several years now, and you would not find two people more dedicated to helping others get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are into hard core training, they also run a Brisbane Boot Camp. You know what they say? No pain, no gain! ;-)

Corporate Health

Corporate Fitness
Health and fitness are two keywords for a happy lifestyle. A sedentary life leads to obesity, health problems, premature ageing and an overall poor state of mind. Corporate fitness and corporate health mean incorporating the two keywords, health and fitness, into the work routine. It might seem odd to combine a corporate environment with fitness, but the benefits are many for employees, and corporate fitness is gaining momentum.

What is Corporate Fitness, and more importantly, what can it do for you?

Corporate fitness means that a fitness company provides the staff of a corporate entity with group fitness services. The services could include boot camp, boxing, kickboxing and various other types of exercises. It is like going to a gym and exercising, only you do it at the workplace, with your colleagues. All exercises are fit and safe for a corporate environment. Corporate fitness can also mean one-on-one training, but it's usually more cost saving and more fun when done as group fitness.

What is Corporate Health?

Corporate health means a broader range of health services for the staff of a company, including health assessments, nutritional advice, team building and, in most cases, also corporate fitness. Corporate health is a holistic program, meant to improve and keep the well-being of the staff.

The benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program in a company are numerous. Here are the most important ones:

How does a company benefit financially from a corporate health program?

It's true that the company might have to spend some money on implementing the corporate health program, but the benefits are greater than the initial investment. A corporate health program means healthier staff, with more energy to work. This translates into improved work productivity, reduced absenteeism and less sick leaves. A healthy body also means a healthy mind, so the staff will be more alert, more motivated and the quality of the work will improve.

Brisbane Bootcamp

Commando Steve and Anna from Executive Results

Taco Fleur - Executive Results
If your staff is more aware of health issues, there will also be a reduction in smoking, plus the team building exercises which are included in corporate health programs will make colleagues work better together. These are only a few of the benefits of corporate health and they can really contribute to the development of a company on the long run.

Keeping the staff stable is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Corporate health or corporate fitness can help reduce staff turnover and cut on costs. Staff turnover is a major cost for any company, estimated at approximately 40% of the first years salary of the employees.

Everybody is worried about health nowadays. Providing staff with better health means giving employees the care they need and gaining their loyalty. People who benefit from a corporate health program have reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced obesity, better posture, decreased stress levels, reduced coronary problems and, simply put, a better life.

A report by the World Health Organization has identified physical inactivity as "a global public health problem". It affects the quality of life of not only individuals and their families, but also results in a national loss of income and rapidly increasing costs for employers.

The World Economic Forum noted that 60% of deaths worldwide, in 2005, could be attributed to non-communicable diseases including:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • diabetes

This figure was projected to increase to 77% by 2015. The report further stated, "There is strong scientific evidence that healthy diet and adequate physical activity play an important role in the prevention of these diseases. Approximately 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancers can be prevented".

Most people spend a significant proportion of their time at work so it is an ideal place to promote increased physical fitness. It also provides an opportunity for employees to encourage each other to make positive lifestyle changes.

It is time to act in order to seize the numerous benefits, physical, mental and financial, of promoting a healthier lifestyle.

How do you find a Corporate Health or fitness provider?

Finding a company that offers corporate heath programs or corporate fitness in your area is simple! Go to and enter "Corporate Health [plus your local area]". For example, if you are in Brisbane, enter "Corporate Health Brisbane" or "Corporate Fitness Brisbane" and hundreds of options should pop up for you. Please note: Do not use inverted commas when doing searches.

In recent years, boot camps have also become very popular in relation to corporate fitness. To find a boot camp near you, just go to and type "Corporate Boot [plus your local area]", and choose the program that best fits your needs.

Corporate Training Executive Results
Telephone: 07 3844 1881
Fax: 07 3041 6057
Mobile: 0417 093 806

If they don't answer straight away, please leave a message as they are probably working someone HARD!


The TOUGH Spot - Gym and training centre
Gate 1, Level 3
51 Mollison Street
West End

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