Harley Speedo - part No. 70900071 - Harley-Davidson Speedometer / Tachometer Combo
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Harley Speedo - part No. 70900071 - setup & videos

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It is very easy to set up the Harley-Davidson Speedometer / Tachometer Combo part No. 70900071 (continued from Harley Speedometer review).

All you do is press the display button on the side of the speedo dash whilst the ignition is in the off position. No need to press it until it clicks. Once the LCD display comes on, turn the ignition switch to accessory. Your speedo display will then guide you.

You can have the LCD display show you the gear you are in (not on pre 2011 models), a larger, easier to read fuel gauge, current time, two trip meters, and of course the odometer.

Also, even though its not that "handy" as far as features go, the original speedo has a sixth gear light which you could barely see. The new panel has a larger, brighter 6th gear indicator.

Setting the colours is very easy too - the hardest part is selecting the combination that suits you. Each of the colours has a corresponding number, so if you like a particular shade of blue for example (I like #240), make a note of the number so you can use it for other functions.

Harley Speedomoter
There are five settings:

Press the dash button until the LCD screen says "ALL". If you want a uniform colour for the face, LCD display, speedo and tacho needles, quickly turn the ignition off then back to accessory.

You are then able to choose the colour by pressing the dash button (again, no need to press until it clicks - less wear and tear). You can hold the button so it zooms through the range, or press it continually to go through the colours one by one. Once you have the colour you want, quickly turn the ignition to off and back to accessory again. The screen will read "saved".

To change the face, speedo and tacho independently, repeat the above, except when it says "ALL", press again to choose which part of the speedo you want to change.

Where to buy

From what I'm told, these speedos are rarely in stock in Australia, but can be bought from any Harley dealer. For example, I bought mine from Fraser Harley-Davidson in Sydney. EDIT: As luck would have it, my speedo failed in its 11th month. I took the bike down to Frasers at Homebush, and they spent some time testing it. We were a little confused by the fact that the LED lights came on in the workshop, and went off in the day, but further testing by me later revealed that it was just a coincidence. Anyway, a new speedo was ordered, which arrived in just a few days. They are even going to reinstall it for me to save me the hassle - which is really only a 10 minute job anyway. Thanks Denys at Frasers.


The video below was provided by Tampa Harley-Davidson of Tampa, Florida. Check out more of their videos at their YouTube channel. It shows how easy it is to set up the unit.

Harley Speedo 70900071

The short clip below simply shows the speedo running at night. Not very exciting, but it gives you an idea.

Harley Speedo Tacho 70900071

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