Harley Speedometer review for the Harley-Davidson 5" Face Analog Speedo Tachometer
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Harley Speedometer - part No. 70900071

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In recent years, Harley-Davidson have really stepped it up a notch with their range of genuine parts and accessories available for Harley motorcycles. One of the newest additions to the range is the Harley Speedometer / Tachometer Combo, part No. 70900071.

I had a genuine Harley speedo/tacho combination on my previous bike, a Softail, but it was analogue and mechanical in operation, with the tachometer info coming straight off the coil - which was not all that accurate to be honest. This little gem is fully electronic - and accurate.

The '5" Face Analog Speedometer Tachometer' is very light, due to the fact it is all electronic, and the price is quite reasonable too, all things considered.

In Australia this unit sells for about $380 from a dealer - a tad more expensive than the US $270 or so it retails for in the United States, but WAY less expensive than recent similar speedo/tachos which sell for up around the $800 mark (or more).

Speedo Installation

Installing the speedo is quite easy, but I'd recommend you have a friend help, if only to make the process "safer".

The first step is to synch up the unit with the current mileage using the supplied data cable. First check your current odometer reading.

After connecting the cable to the new speedo, simply remove the ECM (Electronic Computer Module) side cover, and unplug the data link connector.

Plug the new speedo and cable into the now unoccupied data link jack. Make sure you hold the speedo securely in the process - you wouldn't want to drop it!

If the kill switch is off, turn it to "run", then turn the ignition switch to IGN (on). Once the LCD display on the new speedometer shows "OK", turn the ignition to off, and disconnect the unit. DO NOT remove it from the data link until it shows "OK".

Now, this is where your friend comes in handy. Undo the allen head bolts holding the dash on, and gently lift it up, exposing the underside of the old speed and wiring. Get your friend to hold the dash securely so it doesn't hit the tank and damage it or the tank.

Carefully move the wiring out of the way, unplug the old speedometer, and look for the three plastic clips holding it in place. They can be a bit stubborn, which is why your friend needs to hold the dash firmly.

Once unclipped, remove the old unit, line up the new unit, and reapply the retaining clips. Reinstall the dash, making sure no wiring is crimped in the process.

Now the "fun" begins... see the next page about how to set up the Harley speedo, as well as view a couple of videos.

Harley Speedometer Review By Rob Arnell, Senior Contributor at JustWeb Rating: 5.0 out of 5. This Harley speedo / tacho ticks all the boxes, including price. It's very easy to install, set up, and use. You can adjust it to match virtually any colour scheme, and its practical as well. Well done Harley-Davidson!

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