Rego label tube for motorcycle registration labels. The Rideline tube holder represents quality & value.
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I recently bought a new motorcycle and the registration label was placed by the dealer in an ugly, plastic label holder smack dab in the middle of the front frame.

For a start, this does not comply with my interpretation of the law, which I've included a quote from below, but it also looked terrible - not to mention hard to read.

Anyway, I went searching in Google for a neater solution, and settled on a rego tube holder, but there were quite a few brands. Being a bit old fashioned, and not too far away from my local accessories supermarket, I decided to take a ride over to check out what they had in rego holders.

Thankfully, they had a few, but one which I did not see in Google caught my eye.

The Rideline Registration Label Holder looked the goods. It ticked all the boxes - the unit felt solid, the tube could be easily turned for viewing of the label, it was well sealed, and it came with all the bits for installation (and more):

The ONLY thing missing, which could be included to make it an ALL inclusive package, is a small sachet or tube of Loctite for the grub screws and mounting bracket studs.

The Rideline website states that:
Shock Resistant Flexible Bracket Technology (SRFB) is used, and it combines the flexibility of a traditional plastic holder with the streamlined aesthetics of a tubular style registration label holder.
I used the standard, or "Slimline" bracket, not the flexible SRFB option, and mounted it to the rear belt drive guard bracket (left side of bike). The only thing I had to modify was to enlarge the mounting hole slightly in the Rideline "Slimline" bracket. The whole job took less than ten minutes, and the end result looks very neat and tidy.

The quality of construction is outstanding. And as far as sturdy goes, check out the video below of the polycarbonate tube being whacked by a hammer

Now, for those wondering if a rego tube holder is legal, it does seem to comply with the law, at least in NSW. From a practical sense, it seems to be much better than the standard flat style rego label holder, particularly if it is located on the left side of the bike.

If you were pulled over by the Police and they had to inspect the label with the old style holder, the officer would have to get down in an awkward position to read the VIN etc. With the Rideline motorbike registration holder, all the officer has to do is spin the tube. And as you can see from the photos, the colour coded year of the label is clearly visible.

Anyway, The Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007 stipulates that:
A registration label must be affixed on the inside of the lower-left portion of the front windscreen or on a fixed glass panel on the left-hand side of a vehicle. For caravans and other trailers with a rear facing window, the label may be stuck on the inside of that window in a position as close as possible to the number plate. Hinged windows displaying a rego label must be closed while the vehicle is being towed. For any other vehicles, such as motorcycles, the label should be affixed on or adjacent to the vehicle's rear number plate without obscuring the characters on the number plate. The law also requires that a registration label must be affixed so that the information on the label is readable from the outside of the vehicle.
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Even though this does not state categorically that it is ok to affix the rego label to the left of the vehicle, I believe that this is ok IF the label is visible AND can be read.

However, this is only my opinion. If you are pulled over and questioned while using this rego holder, it's up to you to make your own case - just be polite and courteous - always.

Finally, at $49.95 per label holder, it's about the same price as some brands, and a bit more expensive than others. My advice is to spend the extra money - you won't regret it!

Rideline Registration Label Holder Review By Rob Arnell, Senior Contributor at JustWeb Rating: 5.0 out of 5. This is the best tubular rego label holder I have seen. Not only is the tube virtually unbreakable, but the whole unit is well built and precision made. A little more expensive than some other brands, but WELL worth the extra.

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